Why I Charge For Audits

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True Audits Take Time

There are plenty of “free” audit services out in the wild. Anyone that gives something away for free has an ulterior reason. This ranges from upselling you for their services to downright data theft.

Every business is different, and those differences are the nuances that could make or break marketing campaigns.

Just some of the things that the “free” audit providers can't factor in:
📈 Your margins 
📈 Your customers taste & expectations 
📈 Your website or landing page strengths & weaknesses 
📈 Marketing objectives 
📈 What your creative looks like
📈 Your ad copy reviewed from a clients perspective 
📈 Conversion tracking

There is no way to automate this in-depth level of review. 

I provide audits that are thorough, honest, and technical without an agenda other than your success

My background also allows me to review things through many experiences and perspectives. 

Whether you run your own campaigns or have a firm/freelancer executing them on your behalf, getting a “second” qualified opinion is just smart business.