Hiring A Digital Strategist

strategy diagram

Do You Need A Digital Strategist?

The short answer is yes. A strategist could be a long-term consultant or short-term auditor and guide.

50% of my work is auditing existing campaigns, websites, sales funnels, creative, conversions, and post-purchase flows.

Here are a few signs that it’s time to hire a digital strategist.

👉 You’ve got “holes” in your strategy and don’t know where to start 
👉 You want to expand to new platforms 
👉 Your central platform is flat or diminishing
👉 You don’t have a tracking plan, traditional or privacy-first/data dashboard but spend at least $5k per month. 
👉 Your funnel isn’t established or outlined (no funnel segmentation)
👉 You’re having issues with your workflows or sales processes 
👉 You know there is more potential but don’t know where to prioritize 
👉 You know something is off but can’t pinpoint it. Trust your gut

Am I The Right Strategist For You?

Not all companies and business owners are meant to work together. Here are things you should know about how I work.

✅ I challenge all assumptions and validate with data
✅ I will focus your company on content creation and user experience 
✅ Best practices are there for a reason. We will follow them
✅ I am very hands-on and will ask a lot of questions 
✅ Your goals become my priority. I take that very seriously.